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Cafe Rules

These rules are for the safety of both you and the cats.


We reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises if the rules are broken.


A disclaimer must be signed for entry, please note that you will be refused entry if the disclaimer form is not signed.

Sleeping Cats

Let them sleep, you don’t like being woken, and neither do they. Waking a sleeping cat creates a very grouchy and possibly scratchy cat.


Do not feed the cats or let them near your food, It will make them ill.  They are very well fed, regardless of what they may try and tell you.

Younger Children

Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in general admission.

We do however have child-friendly sessions.  We follow a strict 2 children per parent/guardian policy.  Children must not be left alone, and must be made to follow all the rules.

Note that child spaces are limited and must be pre-booked.

Older Children

Chidren age 10-16 are allowed in during general admission, but there must be a respsonsible 18+ adult with them for entry.  

Climbing Cats

Cats that are climbing WILL  have their claws out, as they don’t want to fall down, and you do not want to be used as a climbing frame.

Walking around

Please note that cats have a tendency to trip people up (we are not sure if this is intentional), therefore we would prefer you do not move hot drinks around, or wear footwear that could hurt the cats (stilettos will go straight through a cats foot)

Playing with the cats

We have cat toys here, please do not bring your own in (toys or cats), and please leave ours here.  Also, no laser pointers, it might look funny on youtube, but these cats deserve better.

General Care

Cats are people too, you don’t like being prodded, pulled, so please don’t do that to our cats. We will tell you off if we see you doing something like that, hopefully before the cats do.


Please take photos of the cats for your personal use, but please do not use the flash, it can make some of the cats a bit jumpy.

Professional photography is strictly forbidden except by prior agreement.

We reserve the right to prohibit photography at any time, including during certain events.

Photographing other customers without their permission is strictly prohibited, please respect privacy.